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JST LED Technology

JST France enlighten you... A range of innovative LED connectors for your architectural choices, lighting and signaling.

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Modeling your connections

For your development, testing your connection or checking the volume on your PCB is necessary before each mass production.

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New LEK serie B-TO-B LED Connector

Special secure system : high retention force for easy assemble process.

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New Hybrid Serie AUH

Space saving, a single Hybrid connector for Power and Signal

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Designed to support moist environnement with high temperature , shocks and dust , their spring lock or CPA mechanism insures rigid and reliable connection. Click here to consult HPS-NFG-FAB-SRV series

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Highlighted product

Highlighted product FHA

FHA serie is a low profile connector 1.1mm height with Easy inserting and High Retention of the FPC.

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0.64 low profileautomotive connector for High Voltage & low current applications. Terminal secondary lock & CPA function / Individual chamberApplicabl…

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This is 0.5 mm pitch, back flip type FPC connector for 0.3 mm thick FPC. Realized space saving with thin of 1.0 mm mounting he ight.Considering the t…

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