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Wanna brighten your Autumn with JST? Think about our wide range of LED connectors ! Check them out here !

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Do you need Colored Connectors to avoid misconnection ? Here it is ! The entire list of available colored connectors. The color coding allows visual identification at first glance. Click, but there's no treat ♦ !

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JST Glow Wire range

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Crimping strategy? Check them out !

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LBT : 1 Family > 2 Series

Discover our incredible LBT Family For one family, we have two different types of connector. -LBT A Type > Which is a WTB connector & crimped thanks to our PCR-LBTA Hand tool. -LBT B Type > Which is a BTB connector, & the brand new one ! For more information & consult t…

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Highlighted product JWPF (WTW) PANEL LOCK TYPE

This is a 2.0 mm pitch wire-to-wire connector of the panel lock type with grade 7 of ingress protection of JIS C 0920 (IPX7 of IEC 60529), suitable fo…

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Fully compatible & designed based on requirements from the FAKRA RF & USCAR standards for telematics & automotive communications technology. High spee…

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This is the waterproof type 1.5 mm pitch wire-to-wire connector incorporating the inner lock structure.

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