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LED, Waterproof or compatible with Glow Wire

For your applications in humid environment, in compliance to glow wire test or powering a light source...

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Expanding our FFC/FPC connectors range and WtB Go No Go connection

JST expands his FFC FPC connector range with FZA 0.4mm pitch and Flip Lop ZIF FHSY serie that you can put in place of our competitors Flex connectors : same Lay Out. PLI family offers a Go No Go secured connection, and can be placed under resin.

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2014 New Year is beginning.

JST France wishes you all the best for 2014!

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Help to choose the correct JST Crimp Hand Tool

You want to avoid any current continuity and transmission problems, use our JST hand tools and download our Crimping Hand Tool list.

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JST brings you solutions

Design your harness and ask for price.

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Highlighted product

Highlighted product FHA

FHA serie is a low profile connector 1.1mm height with Easy inserting and High Retention of the FPC.

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This is 0.5 mm pitch, back flip type FPC connector for 0.3 mm thick FPC. Realized space saving with thin of 1.0 mm mounting he ight.Considering the t…

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0.64 low profileautomotive connector for High Voltage & low current applications. Terminal secondary lock & CPA function / Individual chamberApplicabl…

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