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Help to choose the correct JST Crimp Hand Tool

You want to avoid any current continuity and transmission problems, use our JST hand tools and download our Crimping Hand Tool list.

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JST brings you solutions

Design your harness and ask for price.

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JST October news

0.5mm pitch Flex connection. JST Hand Tool, Automatic Stripper/Crimper, presses & applicators.

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Summer vacation are over

Time to come back to JST to see our New Led, Flex and Waterproof series.

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News June 2013

FHA new FPC family NON-ZIF low profile -PBV secure locking serie

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Highlighted product

Highlighted product FVCM

This FVCM connector is the first mid-flip 0.2mm pitch connector for FPC in the connector industry. It is designed for the use of multi polarization, o…

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GEZ connector has been developed for market of Pachislot & Pachinko machine. This connector contact is interchangeable with the Dual row type GEZD con…

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0.64 low profileautomotive connector for High Voltage & low current applications. Terminal secondary lock & CPA function / Individual chamberApplicabl…

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