Our purpose is to provide you sales and technical support adjusted to your demands. Our sales department is located in our french plant and this enables us to be reactive and efficient.

Our services

To meet your requirements, our services are divided in 5 sections which are:
- The external sales is represented by 4 Sales Engineers who cover the french territory. Thus, they make themselves available to customers and are closer to the market's needs.

- The internal sales is composed of 8 sales assistants, attentive to the customers' needs. They handle the accounts in concert with our sales engineers, to meet customer requirements.

- The customer service is made of 2 Sales Assistants in charge of negotiating lead times with other JST factories.

- The technical support (product information center) is organized to answer directly and efficiently to all basic information. The specific requests are analysed before being forwarded for study through JST network.

- The marketing support is divided in 2 parts :
Operational marketing whose aim is to create technical advertising and introduce new products.
Digital marketing in charge of managing our website and online advertising.

Our jobs

- Sales assistants
They work hand in hand with the sales engineers. They manage a customer portfolio throughout the whole commercial process (preliminary study, samples, technical documentation and catalogs, commercial offer, contracts, orders).

- Sales Engineers
They are linked to the Sales and Marketing Manager. They manage their own area and turn-over (prospection, follow-up and development of customer loyality).
They promote our wide range of product and they offer solutions.


In a market becoming more and more demanding, our customers need quality insurance. That's why JST products are certified ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949 for quality and ISO 14001 for environment.
Whether the quality requirements emanate from the customer or from JST, they are known to all the involved actors.
Our objective is the zero defect.