Our Assembly manufacturing department ensures the final assembly of the connector.
Our equipment is designed based on your needs, after our deep study from our design and Industrial departments and in partnership with your own services.


We have a wide range of semi and fully automatic machines, conducted by trained and authorized people.
Our equipment is highly reliable, and can provide an answer to your needs and your specifications.
Finally, our control systems are at the forefront of technology : video control devices, laser technics ...to meet your quality expectations.
The maintenance of these facilities is done internally by qualified and experienced people.


>Operator / technician
Responsible for several machines, he is in charge of production changes, settings, machine components supply and quality control, according to lead-time. He is also responsible for machine maintenance.

Team Leader
He manages his team and ensures the smooth running of the production. He is in charge of maintenance.
He is fully involved in the continuous improvement process.
Technical Coordinator
Technical support for the department, the Technical Coordinator supervises maintenance. Expert, he is in charge of the continuous improvement process of the workshop.


Our customers are present in a very demanding markets, and because customer satisfaction is our reason to exist, JST France is certified ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environment).
All customer quality requirements are known by all concerned actors during the full life cycle of our products.
Our goal is zero defect, and all our processes are developed for this purpose.