Our injection department is specialized in thermoplasticity injection. It ensures wafers supply for our connectors and it manages projects from conception to industrialization. We are able to answer to customer requirements thanks to our know-how.


Our department has two sections, one for the electronic and the other one for automotive.
Our consumer electronic goods section offers you low-tonnage injection presses. These presses are used in wafers and connectors production.

We have presses from 40 Ton to 220 Ton capacity and elaborate tooling in our automotive section.
All our machines are equipped with high performance peripheral device (pneumatic and numeric robots, and sensors).
The tooling maintenance is carried out internally.


While respecting the specification sheet, we take carefully into consideration your choice of raw material and color. That way, we can respect and answer to quality requirements and to environmental commitments specific to each customer.


The operator is responsible for presses. He installs molds and makes accurate adjustments respecting quality and security requirements, and in the expected timeframe. Additionally, he carries out preventive and curative maintenance, and he controls the quality of the products.

>Tool Maintener
This mechanics expert ensures preventive and corrective maintenance of molds. He works according to production planning, quality and security requirements, and in the expected timeframe.
After delivery of new molds, he makes the final tuning.

>Technical supervisor
He is the maintenance supervisor of this department. He takes charge and installs new presses and peripheral devices.
He is also a technical support for manufacturing as he takes preventive measures to guarantee equipment productivity.


In a market becoming more and more demanding, our customers need quality insurance. That's why JST products are certified ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949 for quality and ISO 14001 for environment.
Whether the quality requirements emanate from the customer or from JST, they are known to all the involved actors.
Our objective is the zero defect.