Automatic Units and Hand tools

The quality of crimping your wired connection has a significant effect on the mechanical strength of the contact on the wire, and also on the passage of electric current.
With the tools offered by JST France, you 're guaranteed with a perfect setting , thus allowing optimal connection.

Our experts also offer through a micrographic section, a diagnosis of your crimps in order to explain
or prevent faulty connection.

In each of JST series you find in the product tab, we indicate the references of manual or automated tools to use.
You can download
JST tooling guide.

Crimping Handtools for Terminals for VH-PH-XH series... Insulated terminals, flag terminals
  • For PHD-PA or PAL series, our Multicontact New PCR-04AB Hand tool can crimp these 5 terminals, just by changing the locator.
  • For SSUH-003T-P0.5 0.05mm² wire section, our PCC-05C crimp hand tool is the only one on the market which crimp a so small wire section.