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Wire to Board /  FVXL - Schema

Product profile

ConnectorWire to Board
FamilytypeFor FFC/FPC
Pitch0.2 mm


Current rating0.2A AC, DC
Insulation resistance50 MOhms min.
Temperature range-25 to + 85 Celsius degrees
Voltage rating50V AC, DC

This FVXL connector is a space saving and low profile connector for FPC demanded from the market, and realizes 0,2mm pitch connector with a mounting height of 0,7mm and depth of 2,68mm. In FPC connector, the smallest product has been provided.Double ZIF construction provides easy insertion operation of FPC.By adopting self locking mechanism,a cover can close with one touche operation.By adopting a FPC with protusions, prevent incomplete insertion or mis-insertion after insertion.

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