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This Wire-To-Wire connector is a 1.6 mm pitch, one-touch detachable for a maximum rated current of 50A (for an AWG# 8 wire applied).

Mostly used for Power Supply application, you can also find this connector on Elevators, Escalators, Charging stations, Handling vehicles …

Male & female crimping contacts for this connector are designed in the same shape: they're hermaphroditic ones.

Their finger protection is realized for both: tab and receptacle housing.

FAH serie here !

Connector specifications:

- Current rating :

Ÿ 1 circuit: AWG#8: 50A

Ÿ 1 circuit: AWG#10: 35A

Ÿ 2 circuits: AWG#8: 50A

Ÿ 2 circuits: AWG#10: 35A

- Voltage rating :600 V AC/DC

- Temperature range : -25°C to +85°C

- Contact resistance : Initial value / 2mΩ max.

After environmental tests / 5m Ω max.

- Insulation resistance :100M Ω min.

- Withstanding voltage : 3 000 VAC / minute

- Applicable wire : AWG#10 to #8

- Circuits: 1 & 2

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