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Waterproof Connectors Range

Whether your need is for connectors to be installed in a moist environment, in the automation field, for the automotive market, in industry, ...
JST offers a wide range of waterproof connectors to meet all your needs.
You can download here the complete range here.

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Highlighted product

Highlighted product WMCB

Developed in pursuit of miniaturization and waterproof as Surface Mountable Type connector for Automotive. To realize miniaturization and high reliab…

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Most popular products

JWPF (W to B)

Applicable for waterproof usage. Its waterproof grade is more than 7 ingress protection of JIS C 0920 (IEC 60529 IPX7).

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WPJ (W to B)

Compact, Water Resist anCompact, Water Resist and Durable. This connector for electrical connection can be used on both waterproof and non-waterproof …

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