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USB-C New Generation

Faster speeds,increased power and reversable mating.

High-speed transmission of up to 10Gbps and power supply of up to 100, this USB-C complies with new generation USB standard. Click here for more information.

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Highlighted product UBC Connector (USB 2.0 Type C)

The UBC connector is an USB Type-C compliant interface connector capable of supplying up to 100W of power. The receptacle is a 16-pin design capable o…

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ASU connector (Wire-to-Board, Angle type)

ASU is a compact, high-speed transmission connector ideal for in-vehicle equipment such as : - Electronic Toll Collection Systems (ETC), - Navigati…

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This WTB VL connector is 6.2mm pitch, designed for large current. It's suitable for the large electric current, which has been realized by using higly…

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