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LBT : 1 Family > 2 Series

Discover our incredible LBT Family

For one family, we have two different types of connector.
-LBT A Type > Which is a WTB connector & crimped thanks to our PCR-LBTA Hand tool.
-LBT B Type > Which is a BTB connector, & the brand new one !

For more information & consult the data sheets, click on the below links !

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Highlighted product LBT B TYPE

This connector is for connecting the lithium polymer battery, and has the sequence structure for connection to the power supply circuit in preference …

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This is the potting treatment compatible type 1.5mm pitchdouble rows SMT mountable crimping connector with secure locking mechanism, corresponding to …

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Compliant with the ISO 19689, 0.64mm individual waterproof, 6 pole WTW connection connector. The retainer is a pre-set type for both female and male h…

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