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Best Wishes for this New Year 2015

最良好的祝愿 Our Future, Together !

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JST French team wishes you a very Happy Holiday Season !


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JST LED Technology

JST France enlighten you... A range of innovative LED connectors for your architectural choices, lighting and signaling.

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Modeling your connections

For your development, testing your connection or checking the volume on your PCB is necessary before each mass production.

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New LEK serie B-TO-B LED Connector

Special secure system : high retention force for easy assemble process.

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Highlighted product

Highlighted product LBT B TYPE

This connector is for connecting the lithium polymer battery, and has the sequence structure for connection to the power supply circuit in preference …

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This WTB VL connector is 6.2mm pitch, designed for large current. It's suitable for the large electric current, which has been realized by using higly…

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Compliant with the ISO 19689, 0.64mm individual waterproof, 6 pole WTW connection connector. The retainer is a pre-set type for both female and male h…

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